The Band

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This is the story of the power house rock band, Grand Circus…
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They were drawn together by the face melting forces that rule the universe and this marked the birth of the band Grand Circus. Soon after, they released their first album self titled, “Grand Circus”, to critical acclaim…

“Grand Circus blurs the lines dividing genres…a polished band capable of handling any style, wearing their funk, fusion, rock and punk influences well!”Jam Rag, 9-2002.

A few years ago the band released the album, “Follow” to critical acclaim…

“This is a fantastic showing from this group. Their live performances live up to all that this album provides. Check out Overthrow for an amazing journey through a tempo changing thrill ride, or In Command or Follow for a gritty rock sound and message, or Souls Denied for a rockadelic mind trip”
~Detroit Music Review, Jan 2009

“This album is awesome from a local Detroit band just about ready to hit the national stage. The song “Hero” is destined to be played for a long time on ESPN and stadiums across country. Are we not all “looking for a hero”….If you like any Detroit rock you will like this. Seger, Kid Rock, and some heavy riffs mixed together. Dig it, put your hands up for Detroit!”
~Dr. Detroit, July 2009

Grand Circus has spent the last few years touring the Midwest spreading their brand of Rock n Roll playing over 30 shows a year.  Now the band is proud to announce a new studio album, “Circus Maximus”, a hard hitting mix of rock, metal and funk.